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Nonwoven abrasive disc

Nonwoven abrasive disc


This product uses fiber mesh as a carrier and uses resin elastomer to firmly attach sharp abrasives to the fiber mesh. When polishing this product at high speed, the abrasive sand will not fall off and has a long service life. It can be used to polish steel, plastic, fiber new products, stone, concrete and other surfaces.

For pneumatic tools.

Polishing and processing of complex surfaces and deep holes of various metals or non-metals, especially suitable for concave and convex surfaces and side grinding.

Cup wheel: used to remove paint and coating surfaces, mainly used in automobile repair and polishing of concrete workpieces.

Products are divided into black, purple, blue, orange

Black, blue, purple and orange - different colors, hardness, different uses, various choices

Diamond grinding disc features:

Uniform grinding force, uniform processing results, strong wear resistance, strong water resistance, strong plasticity, good softness, suitable for various shapes of grinding objects, dirt will not block the fine seams on the grinding surface, increase the surface adhesion of the grinding object; control cutting , will not damage the surface of the object to be ground; does not rust, does not fall off, has low grinding sound, less dust, etc. The black diamond grinding effect is better than that of ordinary angle grinders and louver wheels.

Scope of application:

Removes general coatings and polished surfaces, can be used on stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, plastic, cement, wood and stone surfaces. Suitable for automobile manufacturing and repair industry, construction industry, chemical light industry, shipbuilding and repair industry, machinery manufacturing industry, furniture manufacturing, decoration industry, municipal engineering, and self-repair industry.


☉ Removal of oxides and dirt before and after metal welding and welding.

☉ Remove various surface coatings, protective paint and insulating paint, such as car bodies.

☉ Cleaning and rust prevention of metal surfaces.

☉ Clean the injection shaft of the injection molding machine.

☉ Remove stains from concrete siding.

☉ Residual fuel and rubber gaskets on rocket engines.

☉ Cleaning of cylinder rings.

☉ Cleaning and maintenance of factory equipment to remove fine dirt and hard lumps on the surface.